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The Patient Source Testimonials

Here are just a few of the testimonials we've received from our clients.

“The responsiveness I get from the Patient Source is unmatched. When I call them, I speak directly to the team handling my work – and get immediate results. They are great to work with and have really kept my project moving forward.”
- Manager, Managed Care Marketing Program

“The Patient Source fills a unique niche in the patient education world. They have strong consumer medical writing capabilities that, when combined with design, results in highly effective patient education resources. The Patient Source works seamlessly with other vendors in both disciplines.”
- Marketing Director, Diabetes Marketing Team
“My first project with the Patient Source involved the development/modification of one of their trademarked tools for women’s health related to osteoporosis. Since then, we have implemented therapeutic projects in asthma and heart disease. Our most recent collaboration entails the development of web-based initiatives. They continue to meet and/or exceed my expectations with creative solutions coupled with excellent service.”
- Associate Director, Managed Care Marketing Programs

“The Medical /Legal Team recently pointed out to me how well The Patient Source prepares materials for review. Their annotations and use of references are both on target.”
- Promotion Manager

"The Patient Source does superb work. They were instrumental in designing a major component of Zocor’s award-winning physician promotion campaign a couple of years ago. They were very cognizant of our objectives, understood our branding parameters, and came to us with creative solutions each step in the process. I am very impressed with their responsiveness and quality, and working with them is easy, efficient, and very satisfying."
- Senior Promotion Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications

“I gave The Patient Source minimal direction and a very tight timeframe to create the Drake the Dragon Activity Book. They were able to take it from concept to approved copy to the first layout draft in less than 30 days. They hit another home run for me and the children are going to love this book.”
- Manager, Managed Care Marketing Programs

"The team at The Patient Source will work with you to try to meet your objectives.  Their attitude is ''just tell us when you need it'' and they'll put their reputation on the line to get it done, and get it done correctly."
- Marketing Manager

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